YAS CARGO SERVICS has thousands of square feet of warehousing space in key locations in Dubai, We offering highest level of service and security of your cargo with our support of our professionals in Warehousing,

Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients in Cargo logistics and coordination of main activities, such as speeding up the processes and preserve products in excellent conditions, contributing our extensive experience in international commerce logistics.

We consider ourselves as a single point source of all related services and provide consultation on storage, packing and transportation involving ourselves deeply with each client to provide superior logistic solutions.

Our team highly focusing to increase our customers’ efficiency and cut down idle time in order to get freedom to our customers for focusing on maximum sales opportunities.

We are offering

  • Plenty of size sq ft warehouse
  • Inventory management and quality control
  • Forklift facilities
  • Prepare and complete orders for delivery or pickup according to schedule
  • Packing and creative added services upon request
  • Sorting of Items / Packing and Re-packing
  • Short term or Long Term Cargo Storage
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